Daxx & Roxane – Daxx & Roxane (Self Released)

Dashing quartet Daxx & Roxane have the look.

The swaggering Swiss rockers have the attitude.

And the London-based band even have a sweet tin on their merch stand.

But do they have the songs?

Maybe they didn’t…

…but they do now.

Thanks to the decision to partner with Colin Parkinson, this is a new and improved Daxx.

The former Inglorious man knows a banger when he hears one.

And he’s transformed raw potential into proven quality at a stroke.

It was the summer of 2019 when Temple Of One frontman Parkinson met the Daxx lads in a busy London pub.

Beers were sunk, music discussed and plans for the future laid bare.

Daxx liked what they heard.

Parkinson saw an opportunity.

And the result is the self-titled album Daxx was always destined to make.

Opener Fast Lane fuses New York Dolls-style sass with a booming NWOBHM groove.

Get To It sounds like Primal Scream going full-on glam as a bona fide party starter explodes.

And there’s a throwback to High N Dry-era Def Leppard on Broken: imagine Joe Elliott jamming with The Cult on Fire Woman and you get the picture.

Introducing instrumental Dawn at the mid-point is a bloody brave move.

But the tactic works a treat.

Heal switches tempo to bring exciting elements of The Black Crowes into to mix.

And talking of the mix – it captures Daxx at their brilliant best.

On 2017 debut Ticket To Rock there were times when a band still feeling its way flattered to deceive.

Three years down the line and Daxx is a wildly different animal.

Loud, proud and with the killer choruses to carry a crowd, the future is theirs for the taking.