Tempt – Runaway (Rock Candy)

Genre: Soft Rock/Hair Metal

Scrutinise Runaway’s credits and one name will resonate with any fan of classic 80s hair metal: Michael Wagener. The German’s production credits include Extreme’s Pornograffitti, Dokken’s Breaking The Chains, White Lion’s Pride and Warrant’s Dog Eat Dog. Tempt’s shimmering debut harnesses the super smooth sound underpinning all of the above and more but Runaway is no dated dud. Thanks to Wagener’s mixing and mastering it’s a strikingly modern take on a genre that steadfastly refuses to go out of fashion.

New Yorkers Zach Allen, Harrison Marcello, Nicholas Burrows and Max McDonald nail their colours to the soft rock mast with confidence and class. It might be 2016 but there’s no shame in belting out tunes as uplifting as opener Comin’ Onto You, power ballad Aamina (think Mike Tramp in his pomp) and AOR-coated The Fight.

Allen might have been born to bring the Sunset Strip alive 30 years ago but Tempt’s frontman doesn’t care that he’s a man out of time – this assured, addictive set is the cocksure sound of a singer living his Hollywood dream. Time Won’t Heal is an FM-friendly, lighter-waving joy of a ballad that would have brought MTV to its knees in 1989 while Love Terminator echoes Leppard, Poison, Ratt et al.

Reckless Love, Santa Cruz and Houston beware. The Big Apple has finally served up some serious competition.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 10/10 Tempted?