As part of WWE Week, Rushonrock’s King Of The Ring Andy Spoors tracked down Street Profits. Prepare for a journey into the musical unknown with two supercharged Superstars as Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford reveal the soundtrack to their lives…

Rushonrock: What was the vibe backstage during Clash At The Castle?

Angelo Dawkins: Ah man, it was unreal dawg. Being in the UK is always fun. We’ve been to the UK a couple of times and it is always unreal. We always look forward to those trips and those shows because the fans there and the crowds there means there’s always electricity going through everywhere. Man, just thinking about it, I’m getting tingles right now! But we were in Cardiff for a reason, you know what I’m saying? We don’t just show up and say ‘hey yo, we just chilling’. 

Rushonrock: One of our passions away from wrestling is music. Tell us some of the artists we should be listening to that feature on your playlist at the moment?

Montez Ford: You know what? I can tell you because I’m going to get out my playlist right now! 

Angelo Dawkins: I’ve got you, I’ll get my playlist out too…

Montez Ford: Pretty much for work outs they are pretty much the same. I like to keep the same vibe consistent throughout. Little bit of EARTHGANG. Little bit of Young Dolph. Denzel Curry, JID, J. Cole, Vince Staples, Wiz Khalifa, Killer Mike, Young Thug, DJ Khaled. Who else is on here? Burna Boy, a little bit of Fabolous, Ty Dolla $ign…do you know who that is?

Rushonrock: To be honest we have no idea who half of those are…

Montez Ford: Yeah, that’s ok — that’s why I got you man.

Angelo Dawkins: Me. You know what I’m saying? Very simple. Dreamville, J.Cole. Stick…stick…stick…stick…I got a new stick. That’s my song right there. That’s the one and only song I play on loop. Non-stop. That’s my song before a match, that’s my song before I lift. That’s my song before I put my kid to sleep, that’s my song before I eat, that’s my song. No matter what it is I am doing I am listening to that song right there! (Looks at Montez) You going to put that on right now?

Montez Ford: No. Your song is Wonderful by Ja Rule! What are you talking about? That’s your song. I don’t know what you are talking about! Your song is Wonderful by Ja Rule (starts singing the intro to Wonderful by Ja Rule) You can’t change just because we were at the Castle. Because we were at the Principality Stadium. That’s what you’re going to talk about!?

Angelo Dawkins: Stick dawg. Stick.

Montez Ford: That’s not your true song man.

Angelo Dawkins: And besides, you might see me when I post on Instagram launching dudes over announce tables and stuff. That’s the song I play. Stick alright! Because it’s a ‘hit stick’. (Starts to shout) Boom! Because I’m always working — you know what I’m saying? It’s how we roll! You feel me?

Montez Ford: (Calming Angelo down) Ok.

Angelo Dawkins: (Walking to the next interview) STICK!