Holding a WWE Championship is one of the highest honours an aspiring wrestler can dream of. Holding two at the same time however, puts you in rarified air. Unifying belts in any division is a feat very few have been able to accomplish and writes your name into the annals of time.
As a symbol of their absolute dominance, The Bloodline hold four championships at the same time. Tribal Chief and Head of the Table, Roman Reigns, is currently the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion (as a result of holding both the WWE Championship and Universal Championship at the same time). His cousins The Usos, possess the accolade of Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions (winning both Raw & SmackDown Championships).
Confused? You shouldn’t be. For not far off 1000 days, WWE has been run by The Bloodline. The sheer supremacy displayed by Roman, Jimmy and Jey has not been seen in the company for a long time. But is this hold over the championships good for business? Or is it time for something different?
Andy Spoors looks at some of the Superstars that could benefit from the break of this duopoly in WWE…

Let’s give Roman Reigns and The Usos their flowers before we go any further.

The following is completely hypothetical and circumstantial, so it is important to remember, Roman Reigns and The Usos have brought prestige to their respective divisions.

Tag Team wrestling had been in the doldrums for far too long. WWE had a heavy reliance on the incredibly talented New Day and Usos to carry the division for years.

Huge teams came and went, randomly Superstars thrown together and other factions left to wither before their eventual release.

Not the Usos though. They scratched and clawed their way onto WrestleMania and other Premium Live Event cards.

Roman shrugged off not only negativity and hatred from all quarters but put Leukaemia in remission for a second time to reinvent himself. This was all earned.

But with WWE’s creative department finally in different hands, it is time for a change. And change brings opportunity.

Let’s take a look at four potential winners should WWE decide to split up the men’s and tag team championships instead of keeping them locked together.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

Let’s keep this brief. Gargano and Ciampa are NXT royalty, both together as DIY and apart as bitter enemies.

They gave that brand everything they had and created the measuring stick for future generations to live up to.

On the main roster they have yet to fully find their feet or find a place in the WWE Universe’s hearts.

Gargano left the company to focus on being a dad before debuting on Monday Night Raw and has only had a few opportunities to shine…

…with one of those chances coming at Elimination Chamber and showcasing just a fraction of what he can do when given the stage.

Ciampa on the other hand was quickly thrust into a bizarre friendship with The Miz before suffering a serious injury and requiring surgery.

Should the belts be split, don’t discount a reunion of DIY that can put on not just pulsating matches, but quickly build a story that can end in eventual heartbreak for all involved.

DIY doesn’t need both belts, but being around the title scene for at least one could launch both men’s stock on the main roster.

Montez Ford

It doesn’t take a genius to see the raw star power that Montez Ford possesses.

Handsome, charismatic and supremely athletic, the man just has…it.

Smooth on the mic and talented in the ring, Ford recently had the chance to break out from the tag division when he put in a star turn during the Elimination Chamber match for the United States Championship.

A potential test of the waters for a singles run? If so, it was every bit as successful as fans thought it would be.

The problem with having both the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship tied together is the lack of opportunities for anyone looking to make a name for themselves.

For the longest time, Roman and Brock Lesnar have enjoyed a stranglehold over the titles with only Bobby Lashley and Big E breaking up their domination since May 2021.

Hardly a competitive landscape for anyone outside the land of the giants to thrive in.

But in Ford, WWE have someone that can not just perform, but entertain.

A tilt as one of the company’s champions could allow for a different kind of headline match.

An underdog that could easily but in bangers with the likes of Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes or Kevin Owens. It would also make the scene far less predictable in the future.

Legado Del Fantasma

The faction of Santos Escobar, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde are ludicrously talented.

Accompanied by Zelina Vega, Legado offers something no other team on the main roster can, a well rounded stable with history.

On NXT, the group were a cohesive unit led by Santos Escobar that keep the lucha libre spirit alive in the company.

Bad guys you couldn’t help but be impressed by, all three men have insane levels of athleticism.

On the main roster Escobar has already put on a few great matches, in particular the final of SmackDown’s World Cup tournament against Ricochet.

Del Toro and Wilde however are yet to be afforded their big chance.

Should the tag titles be split, having a faction hold the belts and potentially defend them under the Freebird rule, would be a refreshing change of pace.

It would also allow Legado to find their own niche and run with it, especially after the extended reign of The Usos.  

Austin Theory

Stick with us here. Austin Theory has enjoyed a character renaissance under Triple H’s creative decisions.

Stuck with an on-screen apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Vince McMahon, the WWE Universe was never likely to take to the young Superstar in that role.

Squandering multiple opportunities, fans feared Theory would become the latest in a long line of Superstars rammed down their throats by corporate suits.

Before his main roster call up, Theory displayed comedic chops when paired with Johnny Gargano and his family-esque faction The Way.

Under normal circumstances winning the Money In The Bank guarantees you a one way ticket to success.

For Theory it became an albatross around his neck due to the absolute command Roman Reigns displayed over the championships.

A failed attempt to cash in the briefcase on the US Title, allowed the Superstar of Tomorrow to unburden himself and breathe again. He hasn’t looked back since.

Emerging from feuds with Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins with the championship has placed Theory into a match against one of the greatest of all time, John Cena at WrestleMania.

Even if he were to lose, Theory has rehabilitated his character and persona to a place where he could be thrust into a main event match and become the face of either Raw or SmackDown.

There is a brashness and confidence of a young Cena about Austin Theory. And we all know what happened when he was given the ball to run with…