Can’t Hold Me Down



Collateral backstory

In five years Collateral have risen from relative obscurity to the forefront of the NWOCR movement.

Sleazier and ballsier than many of their peers, the hair metal throwbacks have the consummate style to match their songwriting substance.

And in frontman Angelo Tristan the band boasts a charismatic leader in the vein of David Coverdale, Steven Tyler and Sebastian Bach.

Little wonder that Collateral’s vocalist has been chosen to play a young version of Tyler in a forthcoming TV biopic!

Debut single Midnight Queen caused quite a stir in May 2018 and the band’s first full-length record dropped earlier this year.

Last summer Collateral performed on the ‘Runaway To Paradise With Jon Bon Jovi’ cruise.

Earlier that summer Tristan and co. drew a huge crowd when they bossed the Rising Stage at Ramblin’ Man Fair.

In guitar hero Todd Winger the band boasts a fret melter par excellence but drummer Ben Atkinson is the one to watch live. 

Can’t Hold Me Down is the first new material to feature Collateral’s expanded six-piece line-up.

New members Robert Fenning (keyboards) and Louis Malagodi (guitar) have joined Tristan (lead vocals, guitar), Winger (guitar), Jack Bentley-Smith (bass), and Atkinson (drums).

In Collateral frontman Angelo Tristan’s own words:

“Many bands were struck hard at the start of the year.

“Collateral was caught halfway through our debut album tour.

“So there’s no surprise that frustration would lead to an empowering full out rock song!

“We’re hoping Can’t Hold Me Down will inspire people across the world to keep focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.

“That’s exactly what we’ve done. 

Can’t Hold Me Down is a song that has many layers and stories but it ultimately comes back to one thing: ‘I won’t be held down’. 

“We didn’t want to write a typical Covid song. What’s the point? 

“The 6 o’clock news is doing that for you day in day out. People don’t need that right now.

“Some people might see this as a rebellious track. Maybe it is. 

“Our intention is to try and inspire people to get through the other side of this.”

The verdict on Can’t Hold Me Down

Taking their cue from Crüe’s version of Smokin’ In The Boys Room and Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher, a cheeky video brings an anthemic track to life.

Can’t Hold Me Down will chime with musicians across the nation as they look back on tutors who were less than supportive of their career choice.

And it does the job as an uplifting lockdown anthem at a time when fans need a soaring soft rock pick-me-up.

Not for the first time Todd Winger’s guitar work dazzles and there’s no limit to what Collateral’s pocket rocket axeman can achieve.

But the star of the hugely entertaining video is bass player Jack Bentley-Smith. He can belt out a pounding rhythm…and act!

What’s next for Collateral

Like so many bands Collateral are holding their breath and waiting to see what 2021 brings. 

But tour plans are well advanced with stints in support of Skid Row and H.E.A.T. confirmed subject to restrictions.

And the band is returning to Ramblin’ Man Fair in July to play the Kent festival’s main stage.