Silent Stone



Eliminator backstory

Born out of the North West’s noisy underground metal scene, Eliminator burst onto the scene with 2011’s We Rule The Night EP.

The Lancastrians swiftly followed up with seven inch single The Seer featuring classic artwork and recorded by a music student at the local university!

Eliminator’s first full-length album dropped in 2018 and Lost Horizon captures the true potential of this old school Maiden-esque trad metal crew.

Jack MacMichael and Matthew Thomas lay down a twin guitar assault the equal of many a long lost NWOBHM favourite.

And frontman Dan Foster — recruited in 2017 — pitches himself perfectly as the voice for some truly febrile NWOTHM anthems.

New album Ancient Light is set for release in January.

In Eliminator’s own words:

“Hope you’re looking forward to hearing Silent Stone as much as we are to playing it live on tour this month with Seven Sisters and Toledo Steel!”

The verdict on Silent Stone

Pacey, punchy and powerful enough to shift a small planet, Silent Stone really doesn’t do what it says on the tin.

There’s nothing quiet about Eliminator’s return to the trad metal fray as this smasher of a track dumps a whole heap of noise on a genre in the ascendancy.

Silent Stone benefits from a typically visceral Dan Foster vocal and there’s no holding back from the man up front.

But not for the first time in their brief but storied history, Eliminator rely on the Jack MacMichael/Matthew Thomas twin axe attack to elevate a terrific track to the next level.

Silent Stone is a dense slab of heavy metal.

And Eliminator are primed to wipe out the opposition with this meteor of a tune.

What’s next for Eliminator

On tour this week with label mates Seven Sisters and Toledo Steel, the band is promising to play a slew of previously unreleased material across the UK.

New album Ancient Light is released by Dissonance Productions in January with a striking red vinyl version available for pre-order now.