Collateral – Collateral (Roulette Media)

Collateral don’t lack confidence.

This band has balls.

Great big, glittery, pop metal ones at that.

And as Steel Panther limp towards oblivion it’s time for a long overdue dose of poodle rock reality.

Mr Big Shot kicks things off on this self-titled stunner.

And it’s a song that captures Collateral at their swaggering best.

But there are plenty more bona fide anthems in this band’s bulging locker.

Cocksure posturing and quality tunes create the perfect combo.

And that fusion of poster boy looks and earworm hooks is addictive.

Frontman Angelo Tristan teases and pleases in equal measure.

Rifflord Todd Winger evokes classic Richie Sambora, Vito Bratta and Pepe Reckless.

But it’s the spandex-tight rhythm section that drives Kent’s finest.

Drummer Ben Atkinson is an absolute beast.

And could bass player Jack Smith be the new Eric Brittingham (Google him kids)?

As a quartet they’re born to restyle hair metal.

Still not convinced?

Those who insist cheese is toast just listen to Get Back To You.

It’s a ballad that Poison would be proud to call their own.

And we can’t believe Jon Bon Jovi didn’t pinch the song when Collateral played on his cruise.

Tristan and co. aren’t afraid to put their necks on the line when it comes to kickstarting a genre loathed by some but loved by many.

They’ll get laughed at.

They’ll get lambasted.

And they’ll get accused of ‘playing’ at rock.

But that’s by people who’ve never watched this band live.

Folk who’ve never heard this album’s radio hits.

And those who wouldn’t know a pop metal party if it slapped them in the face.

Collateral are a class act with potential to burn.

And if there’s still a slot on the new Bill & Ted soundtrack we’ve just found the band to fill it.

Main Image By Rob Blackham