Need some new musical sustenance while you’re staying home and staying safe? Feeling like you need to open your ears to something new? We’ve been in touch with musicians far and wide to hear what’s keeping them sane during these challenging times.

This time we have Imonolith sharing with us their favourite records to listen to while we’re all in lockdown.

Ryan Van Poederooyen

The Beatles – Abbey Road

This is my favourite record by The Beatles, who also happen to be my favourite band of all time. The thing I love about this record is that it takes you on a journey, from the music right through to the lyrics. This is also an album that always gives me good vibes anytime I listen to it. Perfect for the times we’re facing right now, gotta’ stay positive and optimistic.

Avatar – Hail the Apocalypse
Love this band. Got into them a few years ago after seeing them live at the Golden Gods Awards Show in London, England. This album is my favourite by them. There are so many great tunes throughout this record. It’s very consistent and a great listen from start to finish. The name of the album might have helped me in revisiting it during the current times. Haha.
Great album by a great band. 

Brian Waddell

Kiss – Dressed To Kill 
This record always inspires me. My favourite record of all time, with Ace Frehley providing some of the most memorable leads I’ve ever heard. 

Stomping Tom Connors – Bud the Spud
This is just a fun record, and he’s singing about potatoes. Yum!! A true Canadian and some great stories about the country. 

Jon Howard

Royal Tusk – Tusk II
I heard these dudes on the radio over a month ago, and it just grabbed me right away! Which is weird for the radio to do…I bought this album right away and have been stuck on it stillll. It’s a Canadian hard rock band, but they have some hints of metal in their guitar riffs for sure. Combining that with really catchy strong vocals, I am sold!! 

Vise Versa – Unreleased 
I think we’ve all had more time lately to revisit past projects and songs we just couldn’t find time to work on before the damn world shut down. I have a band called Vise Versa, we recorded the music for our second album about four to five years ago, and I just haven’t made the time to finish all the vocals and mixing…. Funny thing, I LOVE these songs!!! I am halfway
finished, and I think I’ll use this time to finish the remaining songs. I REALLY enjoy singing and working on various projects. Imonolith is my main focus tho!! STOKED.

Kai Huppunen

Crosses – (Crosses Album)

I’ve always been a fan of vocalist Chino Moreno. His vocal delivery and melodies always captivate me.

This side project of his, and album, is by far one of my favourite creations from him. I can listen to this album anytime, any day, any mood.

Any classical music piano compilations (Mozart, Bach etc.)
Streaming it on my TV via YouTube. I have a 7-month old son and I wanted to introduce him to music. So I have it constantly playing all day in the background in my home. Since I started doing this, I have found that it’s been therapeutic for myself as well and it helps me relax. I’m enjoying the contrast from this environment to switching it up and blasting heavy
shit with the band. In a weird way it’s making me feel more balanced. 

Scott Whalen

Tom Waits – Mule Variations
My favourite album of his. Earthy, use of stranger, atypical instrumentation and great songs.

Morphine – Cure For Pain 
The most unique line-up for a three-piece band in my opinion. Two string slide bass, baritone sax and drums. Sounds like Jack Kerouac became the lead singer of a 90s band. Amazingly moody songs take me away. Great music to get lost in!