NWOBHM pioneers Raven have just released the balls-to-the-wall Metal City as the in-form Gallagher brothers show the middle finger to Covid-19. Here John reveals the records that have been soundtracking the Geordies’ 2020 lockdown – described as their ‘virus vanquishers’!

UFO – Strangers In The Night

It’s just your classic double album from the one of the greatest rock bands on the planet. It’s all killer and no filler. Some amazing songs and of course there’s Schenker. What more can I say?

Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie

It’s a scorcher. This band is dragging the 1960s into the 2000s with confidence and panache. This is their fourth album and it’s incredible.

Tori Amos – Boys For Pele

This is a combination of so many beautiful touches. There’s anger and raw emotion flowing from every track. It’s just exceptional music from a true artist.

King Crimson – The Night Watch

This is the Crims live in concert in 1973. It’s a stunning performance from start to finish and it’s easy to forget just what a fantastic band they were.

Yes – Relayer 

I never get tired of this album. It’s totally unique both instrumentally and vocally. It’s impressionistic in its approach and just giant in its scope.

Thin Lizzy – Live And Dangerous

Like UFO’s record, this is another must-have double live album. So damn good it’s easy to forget that it’s more than 40 years old. Stands the test of time.

Kate Bush – The Dreaming

Utterly unique. The emotion and passion is undeniable and Kate Bush was out on her own for a few years. Love this.

Michael Hedges – Aerial Boundaries

A magician on the acoustic guitar. Just one guy weaving beautiful and timeless music and you can lose yourself in this remarkable record.

Sarah McLaughlin – Mirrorball

Another double killer set. Sarah is a phenomenal singer and this is a gorgeous set of songs. It’s been a go-to album during lockdown.

Genesis – Selling England By The Pound

Possibly the best of the Gabriel era but that’s a tough call! What’s not in doubt is that Genesis are just amazing here. It’s a treasure of an album.

Metal City is out now via Steamhammer SPV