2019 was a year that proved a real revival for guitar music, with a number of hugely talented bands breaking through. King Nun were one of those to emerge victorious, with the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Mass, a support tour with The Stuts and an opening slot for Foo Fighters in Belfast.

2020 seemed to be heading in the same direction for this incredibly talented four piece, following a hughely successful maiden headline tour in February, with April taking them to the US. Unfortunately, the boys are amongst the many to have had their tour cancelled due to COVID-19, giving them plenty of time to write and discover new music.

RUSHONROCK’s Adam Keys spoke to the band about their top 10 quarantine albums. Check them out below:

Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

(JAMES) Quarantine has given us all time, if nothing else. I’m really happy to be diving back into this album, which I love but never find the space to give it the focus it needs. It keeps me calm.

Blondie – Parallel Lines

(NATHAN) Iconic. One of the first albums to really inspire me, it has been lovely to have the time to listen to this classic from start to finish at least twice a week.

Neutral Milk Hotel – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

(JAMES) My go to. Maybe the best album ever. Super raw, and obviously made in a very DIY way. It’s great to remember we can do something important from our bedrooms, now we’re stuck in them forever.

Eels – Daisies Of The Galaxy

(THEO) It’s like a perfect 43 minute goodbye. The sense of melancholy in this album is by definition, crack. It’s sly sense of humour is also: crack. The instrumentation and production is so consistent throughout, it creates nothing less than a definite personality. Prepare to feel for your biggest saddest breakup or the day you left home and have some crack jeremy. 

Girl Band – The Talkies

(JAMES) I love the textures on this album. I’ve always loved albums and bands that are made by four people but sound limitless. One of the best guitar albums of last year.

The Streets – Original Pirate Material

(NATHAN) Jesus Christ – the whole album feels direct and to the point, every track about a different everyday situation, it makes you feel the need to pay attention. Mike Skinner’s ability to poetically describe what is in front of him is second to none.

Aldous Harding – Designer

(THEO) Perfect, simple folk songs build and fall in strange and wonderful shapes. 

The Hold Steady – A Positive Rage

(JAMES) A completely new discovery. I heard ‘Killer Parties’ for the first time recently and it blew me away. Raw music and beautiful poetry.

Death Grips – Year Of The Snitch

(JAMES) Their most recent album, and maybe their best. I already loved the claustrophobia of their music, but this album took on much more the feeling of a band. Everything they do is genius.

Radiohead – Amnesiac

(NATHAN) The weirdest, most ambient Radiohead album, it makes me feel so human despite this LP sounding so alien.

Need some listening inspiration to get you through this lockdown? Why not start with Bug by King Nun: