From Wales come dystopian rock outfit Death Cult Electric, who have freshly released their new single Deleter. Alex Baker, BBC 6 Music and Gigslutz love the group, so we thought we’d pick their brains and see what music has got them through isolation so far.


Otoboke Beaver – Itekoma Hits

This album is so mental , with so many twists and turns. If 4 Japanese women playing the fastest catchiest punk music doesn’t warm your black heart. Then you need to sort yourself out

Girl Band – The Talkies 

I’ve been feeling really happy and quite at ease during the lockdown, so putting this album on, makes me feel really stressed and uncomfortable, which is the exact state of mind that I am most comfortable with.

Control Top – Covert Contracts

I knew nothing about this band, found them on the internet and heard the line “service with a smile? Eat shit” being shouted by some angry Canadian girl, and I had to buy this record.

Metz – Strange Peace

This record sounds like a ghost took a load of heroin and cocaine, and decided to scream down a sewer. Really really really fast screams. I hate it. I love it.

The Beatles – Revolver

My mother introduced me to these guys, been listening to this album a lot during lockdown. Apparently they were really big back in the day………Kiss big. This album sounds pretty cool……it’s no Judas Priest though……

The Police – Regatta de Blanc 

I usually hate reggae inspired post punk fronted by a tantric sex loving blonde geezer, but this album is alright.

Turbowolf – Free Life

If you haven’t already heard these guys, then you clearly don’t like guitar music. Nothing wrong with that, maybe you would prefer the danish board game Klask instead? That’s pretty good. But not as good as this album.


Kvelertak- Splid

There’s a song on this album called Discord which has the lyric: ‘We fell down in a ditch, Picked up a BC Rich, To cure our aching itch’. That is all.

Led Zeppelin – I

I’ve never really given this album as much attention as I should have because it kind of sits in the shadows of it’s bigger older brothers, II, IV and Physical Graffiti but it”s pretty killer considering they made it in a day and a half. Which coincidentally is about how long it takes to listen to Physical Graffiti.

Death Cult Electric – LP 1

Is this cheating? How can you love anyone else if you don’t love yourself! We have an album ready to go but the world is already going through enough carnage at the moment without the mass hysteria this release will cause so we’ll wait a bit.