Need some new musical sustenance while you’re staying home and staying safe? Feeling like you need to open your ears to something new? We’ve been in touch with musicians far and wide to hear what’s keeping them sane during these challenging times.

We’ve asked Peter Harrison from SQPR to give us a list of his best quarantine listening.

And while you’re at it, check out the new music from All Brain, No Pain – their new EP, out at the end of April.

Harrison said: “I decided that I’d dedicate my listening time, while locked up inside, to albums that I’d be meaning to get round to for years. I can almost guarantee that I will never have this much free time and ‘me time’ again in my life, so I’m cramming as much in as I can.”

Joni Mitchell – Hejira

It’s my favourite JM album. I don’t really know why. It’s got great stories in it. Makes you think of travelling. A great escape during these static times.

Patti Smith – Wave

I had always meant to listen to this but just never got round to it. I listened to this record for the first time ever the other day. Fuck me. What a revelation. I’ve been so blind for so long…

John Martyn – Bless The Weather

I love John’s music. But I was never really properly acquainted with this album until now. Once again I have no idea why, because after the first listen it was instantly one of my favourites. Another great quarantine record, I think. Not so claustrophobic and very beautiful. 

Ultraista – Sister

It came out just before all of this really became real in the UK. And thank fuck it did. Its hypnotic and dreamy but driven and thoughtful. I’ve listened to it almost every day since it came out.

The Shins – Port Of Morrow

My friend Chloe, another avid fan of The Shins, told me years ago that, slowly, Port Of Morrow would become my favourite Shins album, as had happened with her. Well, she was right. Lockdown or not, I’ll probably be listening to songs from this album most days of my little life.

U.S Girls – Heavy Light

Another album that came out just before the madness began. I had been really excited for this record for a while. Meghan Remy is one of those artists that I trust to make something interesting, that’s full of love and genuine passion, every time. Well, what a glorious record Heavy Light is. Did it again. Whack it on and dance along. And sometimes laugh along, and sometimes cry along…

Clean Cut Kid – Mother’s Milk

Everyone in SPQR land is a huge fan of CCK. To say that I was excited when I heard that they had made an album all by themselves in a studio they built in their apartment is an understatement. When that album turned out to be their most personal, expressive and stylish record to date, I could do nothing but listen in awe. I’m so excited to see what comes next. 

Julia Jacklin – Crushing

I just love it. The vocals are ridiculously great. 

Nilüfer Yanya –  Miss Universe.

I’ve been listening to this for AGES now. But I keep on coming back. It’s massive—there’s like 17 songs on it and I think they’re all pretty special. I’d love to know how Nilüfer put all this together. I’m in complete awe of its scope and songwriting. 

The 1975 – A Brief Enquiry…

I get a lot of stick when I put this in lists, but if you can’t grasp why this is a really, really great album then you’re stupid. It’s all about the creativity. It’s good to see a band with such a big platform experimenting, learning, and using that platform to really give in to a creative flow and let go. Even if its not your cup of tea, I love to see creativity flowing free—you know, like it should!