The Bloody Nerve are refusing to let COVID-19 disrupt the release of their brand new concept album All Blood, No Treasure. The track-by-track roll out of the duo’s epic masterwork started this summer as A Million Arms made its imposing presence felt. More new music will follow soon but what are the long players that have soundtracked The Bloody Nerve’s lockdown summer?

Alice In Chains – Alice In Chains 

This disc has been in the truck for some months now. Buying so much online stuff means lots of trash which, in turn, means lots of trips to the dump. It’s nice getting reacquainted with perhaps one of the creepiest albums I can remember. This one takes me back to my first year of radio in San Luis Obispo as well. We aren’t allowed to see much of a future right now, so stock in the past is getting higher. (Stacey)

Massive Attack – Mezzanine

The first song I ever heard from Massive Attack was Unfinished Sympathy released back in ‘91 and I remember singing along to it and really digging their vibe. I feel like I have been living in a bubble or something because this gem (Mezzanine) got past me somehow. I need to get this bad boy on vinyl ASAP! My favorite song on the album is Inertia Creeps and I have had it on repeat for some time now. Del Naja is a perfectionist and is constantly innovating. He really takes you on this trippy and intriguing journey of sound that just draws you in. It’s so dark, sexy and beautiful but it also has a sinister side to it.  I will be digging deeper. (Laurie)

The Bloody Nerve – All Blood, No Treasure

This is our current project being released in episodes. We are producing as we go, so obviously we’ve listened to this the most during lockdown. It’s very eerie, prophetic and gripping having been written before any of the virus, riots, or Neo-Maoism that has sprung up all over the place. There’s nothing ‘prophetic’ going on – the record was already about the pathological ends of collectivism and tribal warfare. (Stacey)

David Bowie – Earthling

I used to cruise around blasting this album in my car and now I blast it in my house, dancing around like a crazy person! It’s also a frequent on my workout playlist. Still one of my favorite albums ever. This must have been such a fun album to make. Oh, to be a fly on the wall. Love the energy and chaos of this album. David is a true master of his craft. He has changed the musical landscape with his art and vision. He will be forever missed. (Laurie)

Killing Joke – Absolute Descent

Fan since 1995 having seen them at Trees in Dallas.  Just now diving into their last three albums and they just get more brutal with age. So much angst and beauty and dissonance and it all sounds exactly how this time feels. They are like this perpetual vortex of chaotic energy you want to keep just the right distance from. You wouldn’t want Jaz running the world (not that he’d want to) and you certainly wouldn’t want a world without him in it. (Stacey)

Alice In Chains – Dirt

I think I listen to Alice In Chains just as much – or maybe more now – as I did back in the 90s. Layne is one of my fav singers of all time. A true blues cat. It still amazes me how he was able to convey so much emotion in his vocals and lyrics and how he mustered up the energy to do it all in the agonising condition he was in. It is rare for me to like an artist/band’s whole body of work. Alice In Chains is one of those bands. (Laurie)

Rush – Moving Pictures

For whatever reason this album just infuses me with courage. From Neil’s genius lyrics to the triumphant anthems it’s one of my favorite musical retreats. It really doesn’t get much better than this record. Until being asked to contribute to this feature I hadn’t really done an analysis of what I’ve been listening to and why. I guess it’s that so many of us have found ourselves surrounded by whiney, obedient cowards it’s depressing. This record kind of reminds me of what the human spirit is all about. (Stacey)

Robert Plant – Fate Of Nations

I have always been a huge fan of Zeppelin and Robert’s solo work. Fate Of Nations is a brilliant album, my favorites being Come Into My Life and The Greatest Gift. Just beautiful! I love everything that Robert Plant has released. His work has always been top notch and the musicians he chooses to work are the best in the field. He is a true artist and living legend. Long live the golden god! (Laurie)

Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion I 

If this record was made in 2020 by some other band it would win every rock award there is to win. If somehow you can’t find any other reason to love this album then Matt Sorum is enough. Killer player and even better drum mix they got on him. I’ve listened to this one a lot and I’m afraid that I’ve consumed enough Slash that it’s coming out on All Blood, No Treasure. But hey, just like Bernie Sanders says about bread lines in Cuba: ‘that’s a good thing’. (Stacey)

Killing Joke – Pylon

Killing Joke rules man! The first track I heard from them was Love Like Blood. I was pretty hooked after that. Post punk gods in my opinion. Great melodies, lyrics and intensity, it just keeps coming at you! I would love to catch a live show sometime soon. (Laurie)

For up to date information on The Bloody Nerve and the continued roll out of All Blood, No Treasure visit their website here.