Black Limousine have created a genuine buzz following the release of new single Dressed In Black. Rushonrock hitched a ride with the talented trio’s Mark Taylor to discover what makes the band’s ultimate road trip playlist.

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run

This song has the power to raise the spirits. It’s more about getting you going than coming down. Springsteen is a personal favourite of mine. I love his songwriting.

Tom Waits – Downtown Train

Unlike Born To Run this is more of a come down tune that we’d play after a show. Tom Waits has that earthy, troubadour style that’s just perfect for a road trip.

Angelo Badalamenti – Laura Palmer’s Theme

This is one of the main tracks from Twin Peaks. It’s always the song that we use as our intro. theme when we play live. It’s a great tune: calm and dramatic at the same time.

Jesus And Mary Chain – April Skies

It’s from the Darklands album and, along with Sisters Of Mercy, they’re one of the bands that have always influenced me. I was going to pick a Depeche Mode song here but April Skies is just such a good song.

The Rolling Stones – Miss You

It’s just a really fun track that gets people going no matter what. It’s a great song to have on the tour bus. If you’ve ever been in a band then you love the Stones. Right?

Alice In Chains – Would?

I’m happy to admit that we’re heavily influenced by Alice In Chains. Would? is a song that gets heavy rotation whenever we’re on the road. As tribute songs go it’s pretty special.

Sonic Titan – Sleep

This is one of John’s [Pew, bass] picks. They’re a stoner band and this song came out last year. John loves his stoner music and I like this one too: it’s droney but heavy and the perfect mix.

Queens Of The Stone Age – Everybody Knows That You’re Insane

Another band that’s influenced Black Limousine and this is a really cool song. It’s quite different for QOTSA but we could have picked any song from the Lullabies To Paralyze record.

Deep Purple – Shield

This is John’s choice again and what a fantastic pick. We’ve been talking about it quite a bit lately because it appears in the new Tarantino film. That film nails the era and this song is a late 60s classic.

Rush – Anthem

John loves this band and thinks that the bass and the drums work so well together on this song from Fly By Night. Rush are a fantastic band and a real musician’s band. 

*Black Limousine are readying their next single for release in December. Check out the band’s Facebook page for upcoming tour dates.