Temple Of One are two parts Inglorious and one part Detroit Social Club – but come across as a full-on fusion of alt-rock power and post-grunge angst. Frontman Colin Parkinson revealed the soundtrack to the band’s road trips ahead of next month’s London date with Daxx & Roxane.

King’s XLost In Germany

This is from the band’s self-titled fourth album. I love the guitar work on the track – it’s amazing. And Doug Pinnick is Doug Pinnick – what can you say about him? I’d love to support King’s X one day.

Army Of AnyoneIt Doesn’t Seem To Matter

Army Of Anyone is the band Filter’s Richard Patrick formed with the DeLeo brothers from Stone Temple Pilots and it’s where we got the idea for our band name. I like Patrick’s voice and used to listen to Filter a lot. AOA only released one album and this is one of the outstanding tracks from it. A guy called Ken Andrews mixed it – I loved his work on Paramore’s self-titled album but he’s worked with loads of big bands.


It’s the second song from the band’s fourth album and it’s a killer track. Drew [Lowe, Temple Of One guitarist] is a big Extreme fan too and we love anything that Nuno Bettencourt is involved with. This is such a powerful song. Extreme are always on our playlists and we rolled out a few of their songs when we were invited to perform at a university degree show earlier this year.

Coheed And Cambria Toys

Although I’ve been aware of the band over the years this is from the Coheed album that really captured my imagination. Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures was released last year and it’s the perfect mix of heavy rock and metal with melody. It’s a record that’s really influenced the way we try to sound. A lot of music is far too shiny now but Toys doesn’t have any of that in it. 

Alien Ant FarmForgive And Forget

I can’t believe this song is 13 years old! I was a huge fan of Movies and when I heard it for the first time I was like ‘What the hell is this!’. The Anthology album switched me on to the band but they struggled to recover from their bus crash in Spain…and then Up In The Attic was released and Forgive And Forget was a fantastic first single. It’s got a great chorus, it’s a no-nonsense song and I love the bass line.

AudioslaveOriginal Fire

Another track from 2006 and taken from Audioslave’s last album. The moment I heard this song I thought it was amazing. They use an old Motown beat and then there’s that trademark Chris Cornell vocal. I love anything that he ever did. Throw in Tom Morello and it’s a no-brainer. I think Prophets Of Rage are one of the most exciting bands around.

Skunk Anansie All In The Name Of Pity

I’ve always been a fan of theirs and the first proper rock gig I went to was Skunk Anansie at Exeter University when I was 14 or 15. This is from the first album and the song is underpinned by a chunky Audioslave/Black Sabbath-style riff. Skin’s vocal is unbelievable.

Van Halen Hear About It Later

I’m a massive Van Halen fan. I’m not really too fussed about Van Hagar – for me it’s all about David Lee Roth. This is from Fair Warning and I just love the changes within the song and the melody. I love 1984 as well and could easily have included Drop Dead Legs in this list too!

Mötley CrüeWelcome To The Numb

This is from the band’s self-titled album with John Corabi and I love his voice. I’ve toured with John and The Dead Daisies and he’s a fantastic frontman. And Tommy Lee’s drumming on Welcome To The Numb is unbelievable.

Mr Big Out Of The Underground

This is a Paul Gilbert song from the band’s fourth album Hey Man and it’s a great driving tune. I’ve seen Mr Big a few times and they never disappoint. Their ‘comeback’ album What If… blew my mind and I could have picked a song that record too.

Temple Of One’s debut single The Cards is out now. The band plays alongside Daxx & Roxane and Collateral at London’s Borderline on May 18.

New single Song of Hope is released on May 31. Check out the lyric video for The Cards right here…