Sleep On It have announced that their latest album, Pride & Disaster, will be released in September via Rude Records and have revealed their first single Under The Moment.

Pride & Disaster is the follow up to Overexposed, which was released in 2017 and uses the production skills of Kyle Black, who has worked with All Time Low and Pierce the Veil.

Sleep On It have toured with State Champs, Waterparks, Broadside, This Wild Life and With Confidence as they got busy promoting the record on tours across the world – including the Vans Warped Tour and Slam Dunk.

Kerrang! announced the group as one of 2018’s hottest acts around and Overexposed was featured on the 2018 Warped Tour Compilation album.

Talking about the song, vocalist Zech Pluiser said: “At its core, the song is a cry for help. I spent a lot of the last year struggling with my depression and anxiety, and without even realizing it I had fallen deeper than I really even noticed into those things.

“‘Take my hand pull me again’ is a plea to anyone listening. The song also really tells the story of the struggle between the denial of those mental health issues, saying you’re fine, lying to loved ones to cover for yourself; and asking those same people for help from under the crushing weight of each day.”

Writing music is a release and can be incredibly cathartic, but Pluiser wanted to make a record that was just an outlet for sad feelings. Sleep On It wanted to show that life is about growth, and they wanted to celebrate the little things.

“As hard as life is, there are still good days, and we really wanted that thought to be present in this record. It doesn’t seem fair to us to only portray the hard times.”

So listen to the song, listen to the album and remember the good times too.