Not content with landing a 7/10 rushonrock rated debut last November, the delightfully dark Dead Confederate have bounced back onto our radar with the forthcoming release of second single Start Me Laughing.

You can get your sweaty mits on this psyche-infused slab of scuzz rock from May 31 but we’ve grabbed the video clip for you a whole month in advance!

Start Me Laughing was a last minute addition to [the album] Wrecking Ball, explained singer Hardy Morris. “It was a song we had played live for a while, but hadn’t really considered for the album.

“As the recording continued it started to seem more and more like a song that fitted with the theme and vibe of the record, so we tried it on one of the last days of tracking.

“I wrote the song when I was angry, but it is supposed to sound like a release of anger; to remind people to laugh at their mistakes…it’s supposed to be a happy song.”

It’s supposed to be but…

…anyway what it is a pretty fantastic piece of heavy rock but we’ll let you decide by checking out the video here: