High Rise have released the video for Endeavours, taken from their forthcoming EP of the same name and is set for release March 29th 2019.

Endeavours was engineered, mixed and mastered by Oz Craggs(Feed The Rhino, NECK DEEP, Mallory Knox) at Hidden Track Studios in Folkestone, Kent. 

The track is hi-octane, impassioned and blistering with huge choruses and sees the band meticulously sharpen their songwriting blade and hone their abilities to combine pulverising, breakneck riffs with life-affirming, anthemic vocal melodies cut with venomous screams.

That hi-octane track comes with a high-octane and heartbreaking story, but it’s a tale of redemption and one that ultimately has a happy ending.

“When I  was 18, I would stay out drinking till late at night and not really care about much,” said vocalist Jovic Staddon.

“After a while, I ran out of money and did the worst thing possible… I stole money from my parents.”

And while Staddon didn’t get help for a while or classify this behaviour as an addiction, the help of his friends encouraged him to do one of the hardest things that could be done.

“I struck up the courage and told my parents that I needed to talk to them. When we all sat down my Mum started to cry – they already knew what I had done,” continued the singer.

And that’s what this EP is a about: courage, struggle and learning to realise when you’ve got something good and to hold on to it.

“The name came from the thought that no one’s journey is ever quite over and through our struggles to succeed, we forget to appreciate the more important things around us,” concluded Staddon.

High Rise is a five-piece metal band from South West London, came together in 2014 through their mutual love of hardcore. Following on from the success of their 2015 debut EP Tides Will Take You, and their subsequent release Left It For Everything in 2016, the band have shared stages with a host of artists including Bad Omens, Our Hollow, Our Home, Create to Inspire, as well as playing at Teddy Rocks Festival.