Racquet Club have announced the details for the release of their debut album and released the music video for Head Full Of Bees.

Made up of former Knapsack, The Jealous Sound and Samiam band members, the self-titled record will be put out via Rise Records.

Talking about the LP, vocalist/guitarist Blair Shehan said: “The records that I’ve done in the past have really been reactions to chaos in my life and the guilt or hurt that came along with that.

“I’m still dealing with those tendencies but now rather than focusing on the chaos I’m focusing on solutions and those small victories.”

There were times when it was doubtful whether the album would ever be made, and guitarist Sergie Loobkoff expanded on the details: “Making this record together was a struggle at times and there was a lot of self-doubt on Blair’s part but we pulled it off.”

“For me making this record was a challenge in a lot of ways and just completing it makes me feel so good,” added Shehan.

“In life you get these moments where you realize your goal is worth taking a chance on because once you accomplish it you can walk upright in the world knowing that you did your best.”

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Racquet Club can trace its beginnings back to the Knapsack reunion, as Shehan described: “The Knapsack reunion was a real gift for me because there was no pressure and it was just for the fun of it.

“Sergie and I started talking about writing new music together but as soon as we began we knew that this was going to be a different beast altogether.”

Bobb Penn from The Jealous Sound joined on drums, while Ian Smith was recruited to play the bass. And thus, Racquet Club was born.

Racquet Club track listing:

01. Caldwell Park

02. Let Beauty Find You

03. Head Full Of Bees (watch)

04. Boundaries

05. Battlefield

06. Blood On The Moon (stream)

07. I Can’t Make You Believe

08. Blue Skies

09. New Granada

10. White Knuckles