Wicked Smile – Delirium EP (Self Released)

When Scorpions meet Skid Row…

Love’s Got A Hold On You is Wicked Smile at their hard rocking best.

Just imagine Klaus Meine and Sebastian Bach racing to grab the standout lines.

And picture Matthias Jabs and Scotti Hill fighting for the very best of the fretboard action.

For Meine/Bach read Danny Cecati.

And for Jabs/Hill read Stevie Janevski.

The core of Wicked Smile keeps this 80s-styled juggernaut bang on track.

And the Cecati-Janevski axis is as good as any coming through the ranks 35 years ago.

Polished, punchy, commercial heavy rock might have drifted out of fashion.

And Janevski might have made his name with Rushonrock-approved AOR throwbacks The Radio Sun.

But Wicked Smile are more about recreating Holy Diver-era Ronnie James Dio.

And putting a new spin on Priest’s Pankiller sound.

Cecati lets rip on lead single We Fall.

And Janevski’s soaraway solo on Stronger is simply sensational.

The latter shines a light on bullying in the schoolyard.

Hit any would-be persecutor with Stronger in stereo and they’d never get back up.

Delirium delivers.

In every respect.

Now what about Wicked Smile’s debut album?