Fight the Fight – Fight the Fight (Indie Recordings)

Genre – Black metal / metalcore

Having bounced around the Norwegian underground scene for a number of years, Fight the Fight has arrived with their hotly anticipated debut album ST.

Known for their relentless energy on the live scene, it comes as no surprise that this debut release hits you in the face like a grenade of anger and fury. With a mix of rock and metal on show, the record is filled with memorable hooks, catchphrases and choruses that blend together to create of flurry of melodic anger.

Right from the off, Fight the Fight waste no time getting started. The title track is full on metalcore / black metal played at 100 miles per hour, busting at the seams with its muscular approach. This ferocious sonic opening is more than matched by Lars Vegas’ overly aggressive growl as he battles to be heard over the wall of energy from his band mates – it’s a battle he’s more than up to.

Fight the Fight primarily focuses itself on the darker elements of metal, but This Is War sees Fight the Fight weave their way into progressive metal. The track sees the exquisite talents of Amok and Lord on guitars as they craft a seamless melody that both soft and heavy at the same time. With the tempo somewhat slowed, This Is War also gives Vegas the chance to show off his vocal range without fighting for centre stage.

Despite being in their early twenties, Fight the Fight has been together as a unit for almost a decade, albeit under a different name – Faenskap. Time has given the five piece a togetherness that ensure everything works in sync. This can be seen in the blistering Perfect Combination, which offers a skull shattering array of heavy sounds. But, it’s not just noise. Everything is arranged to a T, and the big riffs sit effortlessly alongside memorable hooks.

Changing their name from a Norwegian phrase to an instantly recognizable English one will undoubtedly open doors for Fight the Fight, and their drive and dedication will ensure you will see this band at festivals all over Europe. Fight the Fight has pushed boundaries with their debut release, and they will only improve. Pay attention to this band – they could very well be huge!