Insanity Alert666-Pack (Season Of Mist)

An ode to G.I. Joe’s Cobra Commander, a cheeky take on Staying Alive, a tribute to MC Hammer and a six second ballad about Slayer… yep, it sounds like everyone’s favourite Dirty Rotten Innsbruckers have waded back into the thrash zone.

Insanity Alert’s universe seemingly revolves around moshing, chugging beers, smoking weed and playing some of the best crossover this side of the noughties. And with third album 666-Pack, they’re almost threatening to steal Municipal Waste’s booze-stained crown, such is the energy and vibrancy of songs such as I Come/I Fuck Shit Up/I Leave and Saturday Night Grind Fever.

Yes, there are plenty of goofball moments in here in the vein of their debut album’s Run To The Mosh, but the Austrian quartet aren’t a one trick pony: high impact thrashers Echoes Of Death and The Body Of Christ Is The Parasite in particular show their mastery of crossover’s dynamics, bringing to mind Suicidal Tendencies’ early output… and of course DRI. Balancing aggression, humour and sharp songwriting, the Tyrolean outfit have an innate understanding of what makes this style tick.  

Plus, they have a real ace in the 666 pack in the shape of frontman Heavy Kevy: on stage he’s a livewire, with a nice line in stand-up comedy, on record his spit ‘n’ snarl delivery spearheads his bandmates’ infectious grooves, and his quickfire rasp gives the likes of Windmilli Vanilli an extra shot in the arm.

OK, Insanity Alert, who emerged in 2011, may have missed the high point of the thrash revival – the days when bands like Gama Bomb were caught in Earache’s tractor beam. However, that doesn’t seem to be hampering their forward trajectory. Indeed, 666-Pack shows the party is just getting started.