The Hyena Kill – Spun (APF Records)

Manchester duo The Hyena Kill have embarked on a new sound and they’re absolutely killing it.

Their new EP Spun is bound to spin heads in all the right directions and showcases a raw, blunt and powerful side to the pair.

Following up from a debut album is never easy, especially when it sets the benchmark for future releases. And straight away The Hyena Kill hit the spot. Exit Mask is a powerful tune about love, obsession and suicide.

The goal of this EP was to create that honest music and that flows into Panic Room, a ridiculously raucous, short, sharp blast of pure rock that leaves guitarist and vocalist Steven Dobb gasping for air as he rasps into the mic.

Ribbons shows the duo have the range to bring things back down to earth before building it up in a delirious crescendo before doing what they do best: making the type of noise that would put Royal Blood to shame.

The Hyena Kill wanted to lay it all on the line for this EP and that uncompromising approach has got them far. Dobb ranges between angelic vocals before proving that he isn’t afraid to get down and dirty, and its using this method that Pound of Flesh builds itself up before crashing itself down.

This band formed after Dobb met drummer Lorna Blundell in 2012, and she’s impeccable behind the sticks and her energy gives the EP a remarkable rhythm.

Ondt Blod open up about their politics, their homeland and hardcore tunes

Dare to Swim is another bittersweet song while EP closer Cells rounds things off with the type of building, flowing song construction that appears to be one of the hallmarks of Spun. 

Dobb’s delivery implores and begs the listener to feel as much as he does. If that’s the point of this record, it completely hits the nail on the head.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 9/10 Spinning heads