Eva Play Dead – The Fix (Playing Dead Records)

Genre: Rock

Eva Plays Dead have a few things to say and they’ll be damned if they’ll let anything get in their way. That’s why it’s no surprise to hear lead singer Tiggy belting out that she’s sick of the same songs just 30 seconds into EP closer Bones.

The finale concludes this thunderous criticism of everything with the sonic equivalent of healthy skepticism and she continues to blast ‘I’m sick of hearing the same songs, I’m sick of doing what you want me to do’.

But that doesn’t mean that this rebel spirit is unleashed towards the end. The yell is strong throughout the entire EP. Spin kicks things off with all the regret of anger of someone on a relentless self-destructive cycle of bad decisions and it’s noticeably angrier than predecessor Sounds of the Written Word.

The opener is one that ebbs and flows wonderfully, with an unexpected breakdown halfway through the song that disappears to almost nothing before building up again into its angst laden climax.

Eva Plays Dead’s new release is also a deeply personal chronicle and deals with Tiggy’s battle with bipolar disorder and – it seems – the problems of the world around her.

In particular, Monogamy seems to tick both those boxes. The semi-ambiguous lyrics could relate to both relationships as well as her disorder. It’s also the most addictive song on the EP and had a beautiful, rolling rhythm and soaring, mosh inducing riffs.

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Although Get Back comes a pretty close second, and it’s fast, hard start to life provides an injection of life to the record. It’s another person song as Tiggy belts out ‘I’m my own worst enemy’ with her trademark powerful style.

As EPs go, The Fix, goes deep. It shows a subtle change in style and it shows this band are afraid write songs that actually mean something.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 Anything but dead