Johnny Hunter Melbourne 24th November 2018

A change of venue inside The Tote left Johnny Hunter playing at the bar and in a curious situation in which random customers shared a walkway with patrolling lead singer Nick Hutt, who maximised every inch of available space.

Hutt took a situation that may have left lesser frontman fearing the worse and turned it to his advantage. You know those music videos that have the crowd clustered around the band so tight they’re almost stopping the drummer from moving his arms? Well this was like that.

As the rest of the band were ensconced in their tiny corner of the Tote, it was up to his to provide the impetus of the show – and the singer was only too happy to oblige.

With a shimmering silk shirt and a voice as rich as a Wall Street banker, Hutt moved around like he owned the place. His flowing locks and makeup gave off an amazing Rocky Horror show vibe, as did Hutt’s slightly chaotic dancing. It was kinda weird, it was often a bit mad, but it was brilliantly entertaining and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Johnny Hunter have got three official songs out, but that didn’t stop them smashing through their 40 minute set as if it was nothing. A mark of a good show is when you don’t realise how fast time has passed, and the Sydney crew hit their curfew in the blink of an eye.

Cult Classic, 1995 and One of a Kind are all songs built for the live area. It took the band 10 hours to get to Melbourne and they appeared determined to make the most of their time on stage – to make the drive worth it.

All three songs have massive choruses and hooks that the crowd can really get into. With Hutt at the front, it’s impossible not to get really engaged with the music. Keep an eye out, this band are going to be something.