@Newcastle Think Tank? 22nd February 2017

While the glitz and the glammer of the Brit awards was taking place in far-away London, Cabbage were providing a different sort of entertainment altogether in Newcastle.

The Manchester post-punks have been tearing up venues all over the country as they hurled their neigh-on sold out tour into the faces of their adoring fans, who lapped up every second.

When the first thing the lead singer does is rip his top off, swill some beer and spray it over the crowd Triple H style you know it’s about to kick off and the frenzied energy and no frills approach to music put the pretentious Matt Healey and The 1975 to shame, who were performing in the capitol live on TV.

The Think Tank is the perfect venue for the band like this, but if they keep up performances of his quality fans won’t be able to see them up close and personal for much longer. Despite only having one album out, Cabbage kept going for nearly an hour as they transformed Newcastle into a dripping, exhausted sweat pit.

Nearly all the fan favourites got a run out on the night, especially Dinner Lady and the final song of the night Kevin. The strongest songs off the album are probably Uber Capitalist Death Trade and Fickle but played live they were treated like every other song as every minute that the band stayed on stage the crowd used as another excuse to stay in the mosh pit.

Post-punk is experiencing a revival and Cabbage definitely channelled the spirits of their 80s predecessors through stage dives galore – at one point vocalist Lee Broadbent thrust the mic stand into the audience and only got half of it back, while the chemistry between the foursome is clear to see and its obvious they revel in sharing the stage with each other.

This is a band that are inherently political and have a lot to say, but live they let their music and free spirit on stage do the talking. The result? An absolute thunderbastard of a show.