Beans On Toast – Cushty (Xtra Mile Recordings)

Genre – Folk Punk / Drunk Folk

There are things in life that are just fact – water is wet, Spurs will always live in Arsenal’s shadow and Beans On Toast will release a new album on the 1st December.

Following an extremely successful tour with Skinny Lister, our drunk folk favourite is back and better than ever. This year’s album Cushty is very much a continuation on 2016’s Spanner In The Works, which saw him collaborate extensively with talented pianist Tensheds.

This collaboration has continued, and this time round, it’s much more polished. The partnership works in all the right ways and the album has been written for piano, unlike last year’s, where it felt slightly random at times.

Jay McAllister has never been one to shy away from his political opinions, and unsurprisingly, those beliefs once again come to the fore in Cushty. Brexit, LGBT rights and equality all earned special recognition alongside his beloved wife, who has more than one dedication on this fantastic album.

Sonically, this is Beans On Toast’s most complete album to date. His sound is much more refined, and Tensheds has given the Beans On Toast brand a much more complete feel. But, long term fans will not be disappointed. Just because he’s evolved doesn’t mean he’s moved completed away from his trademark sounds – that beautiful, shaggy acoustic strum is still prevalent throughout!

Lyrically, Cushty sees Beans On Toast deliver his typically fantastic material. The Ignorant Englishman, Taylor Swift and Smells Like Bullshit all stand out for their clever wordplay, which comes served with a rich helping of satire and jest.

Few artists can match the consistency of Beans On Toast. Few artists have the political knowledge of Beans On Toast, and few artists have the fire in their belly to write album after album with their heart on their sleeve. Beans On Toast, an under appreciate counter culture hero!

Make sure you pick up a copy of Cushty, so 2019’s album remains a certainty!

RUSHONROCK RATED 9/10 What celebrity, dead or alive, would you invite for a beer?


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