Eskimo Callboy – The Scene (Century Media Records)

Genre: Electronicore

If the Blackout gave party rock a bad name, German six-piece Eskimo Callboy are here to save the genre. With a sound that would melt LMFAO’s brain, The Scene is the band’s third album and marks a subtle progression from their previous work.

From a group who confess to writing nonsensical lyrics on their very first work in 2010, the songwriting and story telling within their songs has grown substantially. As lead singer Sebastian ‘Sushi’ Biesler said in an exclusive RUSHONROCK interview: “Although we are known to be a party band there is a reflective and serious side of Eskimo Callboy, too”.

There is an engaging mix of serious and silly sprinkled through the album. One of the two single, MC Thunder, falls into the latter category and is one of the best songs on the whole record.

Sushi from Eskimo Callboy tells tales of MC Thunder, pop music and pressure

It’s a ridiculous story about a man stealing a car after a heavy night with some with the type of aggressive, brutal electronicore of the type pioneered by old Enter Shikari and then mastered by Crossfaith.

While they prove there is more than just meets the eye on the outstanding Banshee, a song that takes a more serious direction and provides enough metalcore licks to compete with the best in the game.

Eskimo Callboy also have something that you don’t get with every metal band. They love pop music and they want their songs to have poppy, singalong choruses. That might dilute them in the eyes of some true metalheads, but you can’t deny that it gives them some irresistible voodoo quality.

That loves of pop and rock shines through on Rooftop. From it’s rap intro that progresses into a screamo section to a chorus that sounds like it’s melted Lostprophets and Far East Movement’s Like A G6 together

Eskimo Callboy are big in Germany but have yet to crack the UK, just one glance at their upcoming tours can confirm that. But with albums like The Scene that should all change. Hopefully.

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