Certo Porcos – Odio 666 (Greyhaze Records)

Genre: Hardcore punk

Brazil has a fine tradition of spewing out gnarly hardcore acts, and Certo Porcos fly the flag high for vitriolic, anti-establishment crust punk… even down to their Crass-influenced album cover.

When they’re good, the trio are like a baton round to the face, sending you hurling to the ground spitting blood and teeth. F.O.D.A. and All Right Pigs are probably the best examples of Certo Porcos in full throttle; they’re riot-starting anthems which keep things nice and simple. However, songs like Hate Never Ends sound flat and uninspiring, and they’re not helped by a production that robs Odio 666 of much of its ferocity.

And while the band’s quasi surf-rock riffs (a la Dead Kennedys) work well in some places (O Lavrador, for instance) they sound messy elsewhere, especially on Secret Society.

Granted, Odio 666 does have some charm, but isn’t the clutch of incendiary anthems you might have hoped it would be.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 5.5/10 Brazilian Blare