Alaskan band 36 Crazyfists have just released their new album Lanterns and lead singer Brock Lindow took some time out of his schedule to talk about it with RUSHONROCK.

RUSHONROCK – You’ve released seven albums in 15 years, does that ever become tiring or is making music what drives you?

Brock Lindow – Well I guess it’s always been the dream to write albums record them, send them out into the galactics and then tour all over the world supporting them.

RUSHONROCK – You covered Alice In Chain’s song We Die Young, are they a band you look up to and how did you end up choosing to cover that song?

BL – We love Alice In Chains and Layne Staley is a massive influence on me so when we were picking a couple covers to do they were top of the list. 

RUSHONROCK – Lanterns came out on the 29th of September and we really liked it, but do you pay attention to how the press rate a record? 

BL – Not at all!

RUSHONROCK – 36 Crazyfists have been together for over two decades now! What keeps you together as a band? 

BL – It’s a family and brotherhood, we have been through so much together as the years go on. It is much more than just a band these days.

36 Crazyfists blow minds with Lanterns

RUSHONROCK – I read that Death Eaters was supposed to be called Death Stares but when your daughter suggested the name you couldn’t say no. How much of an influence has family and being a parent had on you and your music?

BL – I love being a dad and my daughter means everything to me, which makes the touring life more of a juggle these days but as far as the lyrical direction and the music I couldn’t say it has influenced anything in particular. 

RUSHONROCK – You said that Lanterns represents the light that we all seek. Is this a record to give hope to people who are still searching for that light?

BL – Well it was for me, and if that in turn helps people through their dark times then that is something that I’m grateful for.

RUSHONROCK – And following on from that, did writing and making the album help you to find that light? It helped address some personal demons for sure, it’s always a work

BL – In progress for me and I’m happy to be on the right side of dirt and to be able to continue to make positive strides in my life.

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RUSHONROCK – Some bands are really open with their personal struggles in their songs, but I think it’s fair to say that 36 Crazyfists are a little more vague. Is there a reason for that?

BL – That’s just the way I like to write, leaves more to your own interpretation as well. I like that kind of vague poetry.

RUSHONROCK – My favourite song from the album is Sleepsick. This question must be like asking you to choose your favourite child, but is there a song that’s your favourite or one that you feel encapsulates what the album?

BL – I know they all have their own life and their own story so I can’t really think of just one song that encompasses the whole album more than the others. The title wraps them all together.

RUSHONROCK – Are there any plans for a UK tour following the release of Lanterns?

BL – Can’t wait to come back over in early 2018.