My Dynamite – Otherside

Genre – Classic rock (Listenable Records)

Since their self released debut in 2012, My Dynamite has had a hectic schedule touring Europe and clinching a high profile support slot with Southern rockers Lynard Skynyrd.

Five years later they’re back with a new album that draws heavy influence from blues, soul and classic rock acts, most notably that of The Faces and Humble Pie.

This sense of influence can be see clearly in Witch Hat, a track that sees a combination of Rod’s ‘frog in his throat’ 1971 Faces era, backed by the classic ‘dank eh, dank dank’ of Status Quo’s Rossi and Parfit. This unusual combination is completely against the grain for the album, but the fun arrangement, whether intentional or not, works wonders early on.

The pop focused, early 70s influence of Witch Hat is quickly replaced with a hard rock influence in So Familiar. Dripping in Deep Purple / Zeppelin influence, So Familiar steers the album in a whole new direction, with heavy blues riffs, squealing vocals and Moon style hard hitting.

At this point, you think they’ve found their place in the blues-rock department, only for a whole new twist with You Can’t Tell Lies, a track that is pure southern rock – most likely influenced by their appearances with Skynard. With a chorus of ‘You can’t tell lies to Jesus,’ this track has the ingredients of everything that is southern rock – God, love and the blues. Once again, it’s the Rod style vocals that really captivate here. They’re full of character, full of wisdom and filled with a beautiful torment that all great rock stars process.

Continuing in this vein, Love Revolution is a full on classic rock power ballad that is all about vocals, solos and the tittering touches of the symbols.

You Can’t Tell Lies and Love Revolution are the stand out numbers on this album – the two tracks were everything works as one, the two best produced and the tracks where My Dynamite seem to have a real sense of direction.

Otherside is an album filled with good songs and first class characteristic vocals but one that lacks an overall identity, which unfortunately will most likely prevent My Dynamite really pushing on and breaking through to the top.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 7/10 Not bad for a man with a frog in his throat!