Brutus have revealed the new music video for Horde II, taken from debut album Burst – which was released via Hassle Records in February.

“Yes, this is Horde II. Which means, there is also a Horde that appeared on our first 7″ vinyl, self-released in early 2014,” explained drummer and vocalist Stefanie.

“Often song-riffs like this are borne out of our guitarist fooling around with ideas at rehearsal while I’m setting up my drums.

“With Horde I felt this amazing vibe hearing Stijn’s ideas, and so when one day Stijn was randomly playing such ideas again I felt this exact same vibe all over again; I knew instantly this was going to be Horde II.”

The band are also coming back to the UK in September/October for a headline tour, ahead of finishing the year with a string of further shows across Europe in November/December.

Brutus was born after Leuven natives Stefanie, Stijn and Peter joined forces in 2013. “I’d heard about Stefanie around on the scene before I saw her play”, said bassist Peter Mulders.

“Everyone told me I had to check out this new drummer who blew everyone else away, hands down. And she did. Her talent is disarming”.

It was never the plan for the drummer to take on vocal duties as well, although the initial hesitation was soon overcome the moment Stephanie started to sign.

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Although the threesome don’t appear to match well, they somehow make it work. “Being in Brutus is not easy”, said Mulders.

“Brutus has never been about combining our shared influences or tastes. Instead, we are three different personalities with different tastes in music that are often in conflict.”

“But whenever we come together on stage or at rehearsals, something happens.”

Tour dates are below:

29th Sep – The Dome, London (w/ Black Foxxes)
30th Sep – Cavern, Exeter
1st Oct – Exchange, Bristol
2nd Oct – Castle, Manchester
4th Oct – Broadcast, Glasgow
5th Oct – Subside, Birmingham
6th Oct – Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham
7th Oct – The Joker, Brighton
8th Oct – The Boileroom, Guildford