Hardcore rockers Sharptooth have signed with Pure Noise records and announced the release date for their debut album.

Clever Girl will be put out on the 27th of October and the eponymous music video has already hit the airwaves.

The title is a homage to Jurassic Park and hunter Muldoon, who uttered the famous line before raptors turned him into their lunch.

Talking about the song, singer Lauren Kashan said: “Clever Girl the track is all about aggressively fighting back against the hands that chain us.”

“It’s about “biting back” against oppression of all forms, be that by people in your life, in your society, or systemic forms of oppression like sexism, racism and bigotry.”

Going into further detail, Kashan explained the origins of the track. “The song was inspired by an argument I had with a guy who tried to tell me and a bunch of other women (many of us survivors of sexual assault) about how WE should feel about sexual violence.

“And all I could think in that moment was SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP because this person had absolutely no right to speak on the subject, let alone talk down to us.

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“I think anyone can relate to the experience of having someone who has no idea what they’re talking about, either trying to talk down to you or control you,” she continued.

“This is a call to arms for any and all marginalized people for our voices to be heard and for everyone else to take this time to simply listen.”

Sharptooth were formed during a tumultuous time in Baltimore that saw riots and the Black Lives Matter movement rise to prominence, and this had a great effect.

“It was a turning point around politics and music,” revealed guitarist Lance Donati.

“Mainstream media was one direction. You’re fed a lot of stuff. The advent of the internet pushed a third voice you never heard. In 2014, the riots were going on right down the street from us. That kicked us in the ass and made us look at the world around us.”