Rob Jarvis and The Mercury Sons exploded onto the alt rock scene with the debut single Just To Make You Happy. The song quickly became a RUSHONROCK favourite, and earned the band plenty of airtime on major rock radio stations.

After a short wait, they have returned with End Of Our Days (see below). RUSHONROCK co-editor Adam Keys caught up with Rob to discuss the single, touring and a potential debut album for The Mercury Sons.

RUSHONROCK – Could you tell our readers a bit about ‘End Of Our Days?’

Rob Jarvis – I can indeed, ‘End of Our Days’ is our brand new follow up single to ‘Just to Make You Happy.’ I felt it was really important to get some new music out soon as possible after the first single got such an overwhelming reaction. Wanted to make sure the listeners got something back after the huge boost they gave us with the first single.

It’s a riffy alt rock track, as I’ve mentioned previously in an interview with you guys, I love groove, I’d say the riff sections of this track probably make that pretty obvious.

I often try to keep true meanings behind a song at least a little shrouded so as to let others take a feeling for themselves, but as this one is so personal and most certainly something a lot of my musical peers and in fact people with all kinds of aspirations will understand I’d like to go into it a little at least.

The song is actually about being aspirational, not necessarily want to follow the norm, about how other people look at your aspirations. I wrote it quite obviously about being in a band, the amount of effort it takes to run what would be a full time band as well as having a and how some on lookers perhaps deem it a waste of time. So when I’m saying End Of Our Days, there is no apocalyptic or political meaning in this one, but actually the end of me wasting time listening to opinions of on lookers that only serve to hold me back.

RUSHONROCK – You’ve recently shot the video for this track. Could you tell us a bit about the experience?

RJ- This is was yet another amazing experience organised by the folks at Infinite Film Ltd. London. I can’t talk about these guys enough. Super hard working crew, proofs in the pudding with this lot. Will let the video speak for itself.

The landlord kindly let us in the night before to drop off amps and props, managed to get the lighting rig set up, with a whole heap of help from a friend of mine Elliot Richardson, a producer working out of Highfield Studio in Essex. (Where some of the record was actually made)

As far as the actual day went we started shooting, in a Local Essex pub around half 6 in the morning, and bar one or two technical issues we had to iron out, we were actually finished before three o’ clock. Should definitely extend another cheers to the Northern lads in the lineup for getting down in time after work for the one. I think they ended up having to take every late night diversion on the A1.

Another big thanks to our actors as well, Michelle Lucey and David Brown, they gave up their days to come do the shoot and both really did the business.

RUSHONROCK – This single is a follow up from Just To Make You Happy. Tell us a bit about your journey, since we last spoke.

RJ- Highlights since we last spoke; had an awesome show at The Black Heart, Camden. Crowd was incredible; reaction to newer tracks was amazing. Especially for me, as it was the first proper home area gig. In usual style we partied pretty hard post show, was amazing catching up with some old mates and making a whole load of new ones, I think almost the whole audience stayed for drinks after. More the merrier!

Other than that had my head down writing new tracks, which I’ll be demoing with guitarist Nick Jennison in the very near future. Other than I’ve been locked away working on the so called master plan. Actually sat on a fair amount of material that I actually really like. So next big thing is deciding what to do with it, what I can make work. Then trying to get more shows under the belt, adding some new tracks, get a longer headline set together, and really want to concentrate on the live production as well. Currently in talks about a short string of dates covering the UK.

RUSHONROCK – Where does End Of Our Days fit in relation to a full length release?

RJ- I’m never entirely sure how to answer that question in all honesty. As the project is still so new, I don’t feel pressure to necessarily put out a debut extended release, but want to make sure I’m getting quality singles out with supporting videos and really engage people. If the financial support was there I’d say with almost certainty I’m sat on the right material to definitely make an EP if not an album, but until that point really I’d rather release the songs individually and put more effort into the supporting content. The first full length release in my opinion says a lot about an act, I want it to be at the very least up to the standard of what we’ve released so far, if not better.

RUSHONROCK – When will we see you on the road again?

RJ- As mentioned previously in talks about a short string of UK dates at the moment. hoping to cover the North East, Yorkshire and London. In actual fact we were up in Newcastle the week before last playing a charity festival, which was hell of a lot of fun.


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