Texas rock outfit Blindwish have only been formed since March 2016 but they’re already about to drop their debut album via Rise Records. RUSHONROCK had the pleasure of picking singer Zach David’s brains before the release about their origins and what they’re trying to achieve with Good Excuses.

RUSHONROCK – For those who might not have heard about you before, tell us a little bit about Blindwish.

Zach David – Blindwish started in March of 2016. We put out our debut single 3:AM and did a bunch of tours and festivals through the US the rest of 2016. We announced our signing to Rise Records on July of 2017.

RUSHONROCK – You’ve only been together for about a year and your debut album Good Excuses is out in September. It seems like it’s been a whirlwind time for you, would you agree?

ZD – It would seem so, but we literally cannot wait to get our album out! We wrote and recorded the majority of the album in May of 2016 so we’ve been eager to release it ever since then!  

RUSHONROCK – The record is out via Rise Records, who are home to some pretty incredible bands. What’s it been like working with them?

ZD – Rise have been amazing to us. They’ve helped us grow as a band and supported us with anything that we’ve asked. We’re incredibly lucky to have found a home as amazing as Rise Records.

RUSHONROCK – And leading from that, have you felt any additional pressure to live up to a certain set of standards?

ZD – All the time, but we wouldn’t call it pressure. We’d call it a driving force to be the best band that we can possibly be. We see it as a positive.

RUSHONROCK – Tell us about Good Excuses, what were you trying to do with it? What were you trying to say? 

ZD – The title Good Excuses is taken out of a line from the 5th song on our album Down. The song is an introspective ballad about realizing me realizing I don’t always make the best choices, and what that realization does to me and people I love. When you listen to the song, the entire album (even the album cover) will make a lot more sense.

RUSHONROCK – After Midnight was your debut single, are you happy with the reception it’s received? 

We were extremely happy with how everything we’ve released so far has been perceived. After Midnight was a song we co-wrote with John Feldmann, and having him work on this record was a dream come true and we can’t wait for people to hear the songs we wrote with him on our album.

RUSHONROCK – And what was it like as a band releasing your first single from the album? I’d imagine it to be an important watershed moment for you guys.

ZD – It really was. We went through the same thing a year and half earlier when we announced as a band and released our debut single 3:AM. It was more surreal this time because a lot more people took notice and the reaction was everything we hoped for.

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RUSHONROCK – I read that Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses by Atreyu was a massive influence on you growing up. Are you still influenced by bands like that or have your tasted changed?

ZD – Atreyu was a gateway band that got me to open my mind to different types of music. I wouldn’t say that I still listen to bands like that or that our album sounds anything like that, but the importance that Atreyu put on lyrics really pushed me to be a better lyricist and still does.

RUSHONROCK – What’s the plan after Good Excuses? Will we see a UK tour?

ZD – We. Want. To. Go. To. Europe. Now. Some of the best responses we’ve had so far have been from Europe, so we’re hoping we go extremely soon!