Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage (Caroline International)

Genre – Electro Metal / Electro Punk / Nu Metal / Rap Metal

Following the release of the politically damning The Party’s Over EP in 2016, fans have been eagerly awaiting the full length release. The four song EP built on Tom Morello’s 2010 Rise Up collaboration with Cypress Hill, and reminded fans exactly what they’ve been missing since the demise of Rage Against The Machine.

The EP was met with a glowing response from fans and critics, leading to an electrifying inaugural North American tour. The tour saw Prophets of Rage partner with activists and social justice organizations, with a large portion of the proceeds contributed to the fight against hunger and homelessness.

After a year on the road, the full length has arrived, and it has proved to be more than worth the wait.

Opening with Radical Eyes, the Rage / Public Enemy / Cypress Hill six piece explode into life with Brad Wilk’s pounding drumming. DJ Lord and Tom Morello combine their unique electric styles with Tim Commerford’s rhythmic bass, to create the perfect foil for B Real’s big, angry rap vocals – a powerful, poignant opener.

The opener sets the stage for the explosive counter culture bombshell that is Unfuck The World. Much like last years’ Prophets of Rage track, Unfuck The World sees these kindred spirits fuse all their energy into a volatile, fiery ball of rage to create a beautiful fusion of diverse styles, sonic firepower and hard-hitting social consciousness.

This track sees Prophets of Rage place their beliefs deeply at the heart of the subject matter, with a chorus of No Hatred, Fuck Racists, Blank Faces, Time’s Changin’, One Nation, Unification, The Vibration, Unfuck the World!’ This frank, aggressive chorus is shared by B-Real and Chuck D, with the contrasting vocals making this already powerful message even more potent.

Big hitting, fierce sounds may be what the Rage guys are best known for, but make no mistake, this album is much more diverse than that. Tracks like Legalise Me, Counter Offensive and Take Me Higher see Prophets of Rage bring a funky element to their sound, with bouncy bass lines and turntable scratching coming to the fore.

These tracks are a stark contrast to the likes of Who Owns Who, Fired A Shot, Smash It and Strength In Numbers, which all follow the trademark Prophets of Rage template. Vocally B Real owns the mic throughout all these tracks, winning the right to compete with Morello’s searing, electric axe (as he does throughout this show stopping album).

With a mixture of funky beats and explosive rap metal blasts, you’d have a pretty bulletproof album. But, Prophets of Rage are much more diverse than that. Just for good measure, they’ve thrown in a couple of sing alongs – Hail To The Chief and Hands Up – which will add real variety to their set on their upcoming world tour.

Prophets of Rage have delivered everything you’d expect from six artists that are committed to creating a better and more humane world. Lyrically this album is as good as it gets, and the brutal fusion of styles is so intriguing that you will struggle to turn it off.

RUSHONROCK RATED 10/10 They say we’re radical eyes!


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