Can’t Swim – Fail You Again (Pure Noise Records)

Genre – Rock

New Jersey five piece Can’t Swim have followed last year’s debut EP release with a high energy, killer debut album that is full of big riffs and sing along choruses.

Despite only forming in 2015, things have moved fast and their signing to Pure Noise Records has proved to be the catapult they needed to hurtle them towards the limelight.

Moulded by the vision of singer Chirs LoPorto, it comes as no surprise that Can’t Swim find their sound centred around his nasally vocals, that have a distinctly infectious, underlying rasp.

Since their formation, Can’t Swim have achieved a great deal – great label backing, a debut EP, worldwide headline tour, and now a debut album – it definitely seems like their a band in a hurry to achieve. This restless energy is wholeheartedly captured in Fail You Again, and can be felt from the explosive opener, What’s Your Big Idea.

The lightning bolt effect continues intermittently throughout the record, most notably in Friend, which, like the opener, is a full throttle track with scratchy riffs and an all encapsulating chorus that will explode on the live stage.

Although there is plenty of energy packed into this killer album, Can’t Swim show their ability to mix up their sonic approach and experiment with melody in the anthemic mid album number Quitting. The track sees them slow the tempo, and replace it with a warm blanket of intimate vigour, to create an all-encompassing arena worthy gem.

This intimate number is followed by three heavier, faster, more raw tracks (Hey Amy, Stranger and One Shot), which see a mix of LoPorto’s nasally vocals and a rugged growling, raspiness battling the heavy sounds of Danny Rico’s guitar and the thumping drums of Andrea Morgan.

Fail You Again is a heart on your sleeve, full blooded album packed tight with contagious tracks that will make you feel alive. This is a band that have been together for less than two years, and at times that raw, youthfulness is exposed, but these imperfections are part of what makes this Fail You Again such an interesting record.

Can’t Swim land in the UK in Arpil for a full tour, and this is a band that you definitely want to check out while their still playing small, intimate venues. Their potential is immeasurable and their work rate and haste suggests a band that will not be held back by anyone.

RUSHONROCK RATED – 8/10 It’s all worth fighting for – this is just the beginning!