Blackfoot – Southern Native (Loud & Proud)

Genre: Southern Rock

In the history of Southern Rock, a first Blackfoot album in 22 years demands attention. And given due scrutiny it’s safe to say Southern Native has been well worth the wait.

A two-year labour of love, founder and Lynyrd Skynyrd legend Rickey Medlocke wrote and produced a remarkable record in a bid to keep the Blackfoot legacy alive. But this is no cheap publicity stunt or ill-advised vanity project: it’s a remarkable record that more than matches Strikes, Tomcattin’ or Marauder.

Medlocke leaves dual frontmen Tim Rossi and Rick Krasowski to rip through a series of whisky soaked riffs with infectious enthusiasm but his stamp of authenticity is never too far away. The rousing title track – featuring soulful backing singers and an uplifting lead vocal – has classic Blackfoot written all over it.

When Medlocke does contribute his trademark tone it’s understated and subtle – this is a new-look line-up that’s breathing fresh life into a famous old brand and there’s no sense of the main man overshadowing Blackfoot’s latest break for artistic freedom.

Southern Native is the perfect fusion of new and old and the perfect excuse to fall in love with 70s-influenced Southern Rock all over again. Welcome back boys.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 8/10 Back In Black