Calling Apollo – The Great Depression: Act 1 (Signal & The Noise Records)

Genre: Rock

Calling Apollo’s music is about as exploratory as those initial space missions and the route to success just as epic.

In fact, there is more than a little throwback to the days of the 60s in their meandering, eight minute epics that combine electric guitar driven rock and roll with the vocal range of Billy Talent from their 2003 days.

Buried deep inside the songs-within-songs are some seriously catchy hooks that jump out and remind you that the Cardiff five-piece know how to write the type of music that can easily put them on a national level.

The best of the bunch is almost undoubtedly Clone City, which runs to a miniscule (by their standards) four minutes. It’s been given air time on Skuzz TV as well as Kerrang! Radio and if any tune is going to propel Calling Apollo up to the stars it’s going to be that one.

Once Act 1: House of Cards and …And The High Plateau, the opening songs which take up a massive 14 minutes of listening time, are out the way it’s smooth sailing from there on in. Both of them are absolute epics, but could begin to tire on the less engaged listener.

Obelisk is a slightly more aggressive song and shows that Calling Apollo aren’t afraid to go where the wind takes them – it also shows off the talent they all have at their fingertips.

The Great Depression: Act 1 is the first installment of a two part album. It’s certainly a brave move that goes against convention, but part of that is the very essence of this band.

Calling Apollo are shooting for the moon with their debut releases and at the very least they’ll fall among the stars.