Rob Lynch – Baby, I’m A Runaway (Xtra Mile)

Genre – Alternative Rock

Xtra Mile has built a reputation as one of Britain’s top independent punk labels, with many of their artists embroiled in the political side of rock and roll. But, every now and then they surprise us with some inspired feelgood alt rock and that is exactly what they’ve done here with Lincolnshire born Rob Lynch.

Following up his 2014 debut album, the man formerly known as Lost On Campus returns for a ‘good time’ with an album filled with melodies and happy choruses. With an easy listening approach throughout, Lynch has created an almost perfect summer playlist that alternates between edgy alt rock and soft, heartfelt acoustics to create a top heavy LP that will appeal to music fans of all genres.

With radio friendly vibes coming from opening tracks Runaway and Prove It, Lynch instantly captures the feel good factor in an album that could be heard booming out of speakers at any music loving bar-b-que across the country this summer.

While it is difficult to fault this album as a whole, there is a sense that more depth could have led to something special. This is no truer than in the bass heavy Salt Spring, which portrays a darker side ofLynch than we’ve previously seen, but yet somehow still manages to come across as a light hearted pop rock song.

Despite lacking the depth that truly makes an album great, Lynch has managed to create a piece of work that will be well received by those who get their hands on it, but without real substance behind each track, this one could very easily get lost in the masses of music available today.

Baby, I’m A Runaway may offer more style over substance, but will certainly put a smile on your face, so don’t write this one off too quickly!