Antropomorphia – Necromantic Love Songs (Metal Blade)

Genre: Death Metal

Antropomorphia have come a long way since Necromantic Love Songs was first released in 1993; 2012’s Evangelivm Nekromantia and 2014’s Rites ov Perversion were fine death metal albums, blessed with sinister aura and packed with incendiary riffs. They were the work of a revitalised act which was determined to make up for lost time (ten years on hiatus, in fact).

The Dutch outfit’s early work, in comparison, is charming but far from essential. However, given the band’s resurgence, it’s no surprise that Metal Blade have seen fit to re-release Necromantic Love Songs and throw 1992’s Bowel Mutilation demo into the package, and anyone whose head was turned by Antropomorphia’s recent output will surely find much to enjoy in the likes of Birth Through Death or Chunks of Meat.

The Bowel Mutilation demo, in particular, is a fine slice of early(ish) death metal, with Rotted Flesh bringing a primitive, bludgeoning groove to the party. And while the quartet’s 21st century output is vastly superior to what you’ll fine here, the material on Necromantic Love Songs deserves to come out of the shadows.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 6.5/10 Resurrected