Blood – Christbait (Vic Records)

Genre: Grindcore/Death Metal

Originally released in 1992, Christbait was Blood’s second full length and helped to define the Germans’ grind/death metal hybrid. However, it hasn’t aged well, as Vic Records’ re-issue shows.

There are a few golden nuggets lurking within Christbait’s primitive murk: the curiously titled Join Stock Company is a violent explosion  of old school grindcore and Widow Path is a fierce, anarchic assault on the senses.

But too often, the album descends into dirge and lacks the razor sharp riffs or taught rhythms which usually make this style so potent. Mass Distortion, The Last Words and Self Immolation are among the worst offenders, and while there’s a certain charm to Christbait on first listen, the novelty wears of quickly.

Yes, there are extensive liner notes and rare pictures to accompany the 20 tracks on offer here, but you’d have to be a hardened Blood fan to make an investment in this package.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 3.5/10 Bloody mess