Eradikated — Descendants (Indie Recordings)

When Lost Society ditched their thrash metal roots to sow the seeds of metalcore we couldn’t help but lament a disastrous U-turn.

For a while, the riff-fuelled Finns had breathed new life into a genre that continues to soundtrack the very best of heavy music.

And it’s still difficult to come to terms with the fact that Lost Society are lost to metalcore.

But Scandinavia has always delivered a conveyor belt of fresh new talent determined to fly the flag for future generations.

And supercharged Swedes Eradikated carry the old school thrash metal torch with the same power and passion that once fuelled their feisty Finnish neighbours.

Descendants is a perfectly apt title for a band that leans on a combination of classic Teutonic thrash and the controlled fury favoured by the fledgling Big Four.

Think Destruction, Kreator and Sodom mixed with mid 80s Slayer and Metallica: this is a record that builds on the foundations of the big hitters who went before but retains a keen sense of pushing the boundaries.

According to the band, Descendants ‘is not to be seen as some retro thing’.

Well, we hate to break it to you lads but every last riff, solo and shriek here reeks of thrash metal’s gung-ho glory days.

And to shy away from the obvious is worse than selling your soul to metalcore (ok, maybe not that bad).

There’s no shame in putting a fresh spin on an established success story and a carefully curated concept album does reveal flourishes of a more technical, modern-day metal sound.

Imagine if Megadeth made Operation: Mindcrime. Or Tankard reinvented themselves via Dio’s Magica.

It’s that good.

Former Band Eradikated

To be fully transparent, Eradikated aren’t a new band as such.

Descendants might be the quartet’s so-called debut but these slaves to metal have been around a for a while.

Formerly known as The Generations Army, Erland Östberg and co. cut three albums and played more than 200 live shows in their former guise.

But in 2021 the thrash metal heroes decided the time was right for a Dr Who-like regeneration. 

And within the blink of an eye Eradikated was born.

Debut single Flames (tucked away towards the end of Descendants) dropped in March and created the hoped-for buzz.

But few could have predicted the cut and thrust of that three-minute thriller would be replicated over and over on the album proper.

At just two minutes and 39 seconds, Flood might just be the most punishing blast of retro thrash we’ve heard this year.

It’s classically concise, bone-crushingly brutal and that Death Angel-esque riff will have you banging your head for weeks on end. And the solo? Shit!

It’s quite clear Eradikated’s members have diligently honed their craft for the best part of a decade to reach this career-defining moment.

Descendants is an apt tribute to thrash metal’s enduring appeal and an exciting snapshot of what the future might hold.