Let’s Talk Daggers – A Beautiful Life (Tangled Talk)

Genre: Trash Rock

Let’s Talk Daggers take being experimental and wear it as a badge of honour. They take pure noise and bend it to their will and the results take some getting used to.

However, delve under the wall of sound and into the little subtleties that creep into the album and you’ll discover a record that is far more complex than it first suggests.

Like their PR stable mates Press To MECO, Let’s Talk Daggers don’t bother with traditional song structures and the result is a messy album that somehow comes together at the last moment to produce something that  just works.

Magician By Tradition is exactly one of these songs. Just as you think you have it cracked, LTD take it in a completely different direction – the breakdown in the middle is one of the best parts of the song and is introduced without any word of warning.

Their debut album is wonderfully under-produced and is left with the type of raw sound that an over-zealous producer would iron out – but that’s the magic of the band and it should be left as-is.

Clutchendials is a strange hybrid between trash rock and angelically voiced acoustic stuff, but by the time that song comes around it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Let’s Talk Daggers have a song called I Love You Dad, But I’m Mental. It sums everyone up very nicely.

RUSHONROCK RATED: 7/10 A Good Time, Not A Long Time