Down N Outz 2014The Down N Outz are bringing Ian Hunter’s glory days back to life across the UK this month.

And guitarist Paul Guerin is bringing RUSHONROCK readers  bang up to date with life on the road as he reprises his role as our favourite diarist.

Back by popular demand after delighting our readers with tales of the Quireboys’ US tour, Blyth’s finest is bang in form.

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We had a night off in London and we were staying in the Angel so I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and take Trish for a drink at the legendary Philthy McNasty’s.

Myself, Keith and Bap Kennedy used to play there every Sunday with various members of the Pogues sitting in with us. Many an hour was spent with David Soul there shooting the breeze telling us all Huggy Bear stories…priceless! ,

So imagine my horror when we pitch up to find it has been closed down – like too many pubs in England. Such a rich history sitting gathering dust now.

The London show is at the Garage, Highbury corner and I remember being filmed there 25 years ago by Krusher. Time doesn’t half fly…

Playing London is always great as I get to catch up with friends that I rarely see since I left the Big Smoke. The gig was packed and I was really happy with the sound on stage. The only bummer with these shows is that security turfs everyone out as soon as the gig finishes which means we don’t get a chance to go out and meet the fans but there’s nowt we can do about it…sorry.

An early start and off to York we go. Because we have a trailer we can’t go over 60 mph which is a bit of a drag – York is a beautiful city and it’s a shame we don’t have more time as I would have loved to take our American friends – Share and Wolffy – on a little sightseeing trip. But as usual the clock isn’t our friend.

Vega – our opening band – don’t get a sound check tonight due to a few technical glitches which makes me feel quite bad, especially as it’s their hometown gig.

But being the troopers they are it doesn’t faze them and they sound superb as always.

This is the new Fibbers and it’s a great venue. It was a little cramped on stage but what the hell – we still had a blast and the real ‘Brucey Bonus’ was the hotel was directly over the road from the gig so we all debunked back to the hotel bar until the early hours…top night!


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