These punky funsters have sold 35 million albums worldwide and kept a solid trio at the core of the band.  It’s no wonder that 99% of us have encountered The Offspring.  As anticipation heightens for the last festival of the summer, we take a look at the legendary Californian act.


Band Name: The Offspring

Date: Saturday 27th August

Stage: Main Stage

Hit or miss: HIT – The Offspring are a feel-good band and that has every likelihood of bolstering the jovial festival atmosphere.  A Saturday night slot should not only do them justice but do the world of good for those watching.

Craziest song title: It’s predictable but – Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) has to cut it.

Most bizarre band member name: Noodles – yep, and he hasn’t even got frizzy Coloccini hair.  Apparently the name was conceived because of his ‘noodling’ on the guitar.

Current album: Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (2008)

Future prospects: A future in the balance indeed.  Perhaps The Offspring have been treading along in the back picture for the last few years, but what else do they have to achieve other than bringing out the occasional album to please the hardcore fanbase?