SteveVai1He’s one of the world’s finest fet burners and a tuly innovative musician and it’s incredible to think Steve Vai hits 50 on his next birthday. Even more so when you realise he’s in training for a triathlon…

Still playing like a man half his age and celebrating the criticially acclaimed release of his Where The Wild Things Are DVD/CD, there’s never been a better time to tap into the ex-Whitesnake twiddler.

Here Vai becomes the latest of rock’s big names to reveal all to rushonrock!

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to a lot of Tom Waits, some Street Sweeper Social Club, my Michael Jackson collection and the new Mastodon record which I love. Oh, and of course I can’t get Devin Townsend’s forthcoming CD out of my head.

Small Screen Pleasure: I don’t watch TV as a rule. If I do I like to learn something. So I’ll switch onto the History Channel or something else educational and interesting. My wife likes all the reality shows so I do see them from time to time. 

Making a meal of it: I’m a vegetarian and I don;’t think you can beat brown rice and brocolli.

Drivetime: I have a 300ZX Turbo from 1986. It’s a very simple car. But I also run about quite a bit. I’m training for a triathlon and you can’t use a car in that.

Ace place: It’s got to be Tahiti.

Dream destination: I haven’t been to Fiji. That’s next on the list.

Nickname shame: Fingers. I don’t have many vices but I do smoke big fat Cuban cigars from time to time.