ufo-logoIt’s made Self Made Man’s day and probably his year – legendary UK rockers UFO are returning to Tyneside this summer with what promises to be a typically tenacious show from a band which continues to set the live standard.

Phil and the gang roll into Newcastle’s o2 Academy on June 14 but whether bass wielding beast Pete Way will be there remains to be seen as he continues to battle a liver problem (the poor bloke was suffering with a bad back the last time we saw him in the Toon).

Whether there will be a full house is also a concern as that date clashes, of course, with the Classic Rock day at this year’s Download Festival featuring the likes of Def Leppard, Whitesnake and ZZ Top. With an exodus of North East rock fans expected that weekend many of UFO’s long-serving fans might find themselves facing the double booking from hell.

On a more positive note the band will have already released new record The Visitor (via SPV/Steamhammer) come the summer and with its expected release date around the end of May in the UK, fans will have ample opportunity to learn the new tunes by heart.

Thirteen songs were pulled from an original pool of 35 and 11 look like making the final cut. Expect the other two to crop up on a limited edition digipak as bonus tracks.

Stay posted to rushonrock for the very latest UFO news and expect Self Made Man to say something on the return of his boyhood heroes very soon.