fables roachieRecently shorn but still boasting a raw and rockin’ kick ass voice, Fables Last Stand frontman Roachie is preparing for the biggest year of his life.

With debut album Love & Exile ready to roll, gigs aplenty in the pipeline and a tour to Finland in the works these are heady times for the Hexham-based crooner.

But the boy Roachie still found time in his hectic schedule to reveal all of his off-stage secrets to rushonrock. Enjoy.

On your iPod: I’ve been listening to the first CD from the new Scott Weiland album. I love that bloke’s voice and his latest doubler is really eclectic stuff. Still digging old Rolling Stones stuff and can’t get Mona Lisa Smiled, from the Quireboys’ latest record, outta my head. One of the best songs they’ve ever written.

Small screen pleasure: I don’t watch a great deal of telly if the truth be told. I did sit down for some Sunday afternoon entertainment with the family though and we watched a ghostie type of programme about this haunted pub up in the peaks somewhere. Nice.

Making a meal of it: It’s got to be hot dogs, chips and brown sauce. Lots of brown sauce.

Drivetime: I don’t drive. I’d be a menace on the roads. I tried once and failed my test. After that I moved to London and nobody in their right mind would want to drive down there.

Ace place: It’s got to be Bergen. I love Norway and all that neck of the woods.

Dream destination: I’d like to take in the rest of Scandinavia. They love their rock over there and I think they’d love Fables. Maybe.

Nickname shame: Macky. Original, I know.