paradise lostUK goth metal favourites Paradise Lost continue to build the momentum prior to the release of new album Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us by releasing taster track The Rise Of Denial.

Available for streaming on the band’s MySpace page the song offers an exciting glimpse of the band’s most eagerly anticipated material in years and features new drummer Adrian Erlandsson in fine tub thumping form.

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh said: “It’s a classic PL song. This was the first song written for this album and the reason I decided to switch to seven string guitars.

“It’s almost like melodic, well structured grindcore. Dropping to A really took this song in a different direction. It gives the song a kind of crushing, seething anger.”

Singer Nick Holmes added: “This song has more of an ‘old school’ PL feel, particularly in the arrangement, and is definitely one of the most aggressive and instant tracks on the album.

“I find that aggressive vocals only work if the music is equally as aggressive and this is a good example. It was nice to write a song that ventures off musically for a few minutes before tying in at the end – a style we haven‘t done for quite some time.

“Lyrically this song deals with pushing problems away, burying one’s head in the sand, something we all do at times I guess. But when people do it perpetually, it’s a problem.”

Paradise Lost head out on a headline tour through Europe and the UK kicking off on October 30. This will be the first full tour with Erlandsson (At The Gates, Cradle Of Filth). Support will come from Katatonia and Engel on the UK leg of the tour.

Go to to hear The Rise Of Denial.